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Not all the work Daralyse does is about escaping reality.  She is a certified yoga teacher and an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner who, after overcoming an eating disorder and other self-destructive patterns of behavior, uses her own healing as a springboard for helping others.  When she first began practicing yoga, Daralyse would sit in silence and years of sublimated pain would spring to the surface.  She looked, candidly, at that pain and at her history of trauma, disordered eating, depression and suicidal ideation, then began to apply the Emotional Freedom Technique to resolve the feelings and fears that arose “on the mat.”  Based on her positive results of combining yoga and EFT on herself, she created Emotional Yoga (EY), a groundbreaking healing modality.  She works with private clients, facilitates workshops, writes articles and blogs, performs remote EY work, crafts individual EY session scripts, teaches conventional yoga, practices EFT, and engages in the intensely personal work of training others to be EY practitioners.


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Daralyse Lyons provides the following services...

The Emotional Freedom Technique
Group Yoga Classes
Individual Yoga Sessions

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