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Demystifying Diversity

Well before the Black Lives Matter movement reached its current crescendo, before Asians in America found themselves the victims of violent assaults in the midst of a global pandemic, before it was trendy to advocate against injustice, I set out on a project to listen and learn and educate others about topics related to human diversity.

I conducted interviews (a LOT of interviews) about various topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion. I wasn’t just interested in learning solely for the sake of knowing more. I wanted to make a difference and I realized that the only way to do that was through an in-depth exploration of other people’s stories. And then, because I am an author and a journalist, to write about it.

So far, I’ve spoken to 128 people. I’ve cried with Holocaust survivors, commiserated with academics, interrogated politicians, and daydreamed with an incarcerated inmate about his hopes and plans after his relief. In the hours and hours of conversation, my main takeaway has been that human beings have a tremendous capacity for resilience, empathy and love. I believe that it is this capacity that will enable us to move forward towards equity and inclusion.

Here’s where you come in. From all the stories of struggle and survival, I’ve created The Demystifying Diversity Podcast. Please subscribe now, wherever you get your podcasts. It’s FREE to listen. After you’ve heard the trailer, if you like what you hear, leave a 5-star rating and tell a friend. Together, we can create a more inclusive world. All we have to do is listen to each other.

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